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We have a professional Santa available to speak to the media for television programs (call in or Skype) as well as for radio. Santa has given over 1,000 radio interviews about his book “Things Kids Say to Santa”. We have sixty stories from his experiences with over 75,000 children gleaned from Santa’s fifty years of experience. You will enjoy the humorous stories about children! Mrs. Claus’s book “Mrs. Claus Shares Stories from the Heart” is 40 inspirational stories gathered by Mrs. Claus.

Ask us how Santa helps parents and how Santa is getting help eliminating sibling rivalry and getting kids to keep their rooms clean. The SantaSpeaks Iphone app is for both children and adults. For the kids, it is a fun project. To the adults, it is a parental aid. For both rewards and positive correcting.

Professional Santa Claus personality (radio TV personality), QUICK WITTED, great quality Santa voice. Our Santa has been Santa for The Montel Show, amazed Julliette and Brian on Fox and Friends. Has appeared on OPRAH and many other TV shows. In the off-season Santa produces and co-hosts the television show The Fabulous Fifties and Beyond on sixteen cable systems.

Great to speak with anchors, DJ's (family friendly shows only please), etc.

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From A Happy Editor:

Dear Santa,

Congrats! We have listened to and enjoyed your previous Blogtalkradio broadcasts. As a result, our editorial team has selected you to be a Featured HOST on BlogTalkRadio!

Now that you have our attention, let's take advantage of this opportunity! Shows we feature on our homepage receive higher traffic and listeners, so now is your time to shine!

Please contact us if you have any questions, and thanks for all your hard work on BlogTalkRadio!


Hilary Leewong
Features Editor

Here's A Few Story Ideas:

• Keeping The Faith, To Believe Or Not Believe – Can Provide Pros, Cons, and Tips
• Getting Santa Savvy - How To Choose Which Santa Experience Is Right For Your Family.
• Media Savvy Kids NEED New Santa Experience
• New trends are emerging for Santa Claus (Live Santa Phone Calls, Email Santa).
• Who's winning the popularity contest: Online Santa or Mall Santa? Pros and Cons to each
• How families can find Santa on Christmas Eve
• How children confide in Santa.
• The good, bad and the sad --- children emailing Santa tell all.
• Hectic Holidays - Santa Claus Solution. Ways parents can enjoy a family tradition without having to brave the busy malls.
• Online Santa vs. Malls Santa? - who's winning the popularity contest.
• An Easier Santa Claus Experience
• Santa Claus At Home, A Family Experience
• State Of The Art Santa Claus - More Personal and More Convenient.
• Santa Claus Stress - New Santa Claus Solution
• Custom Santa
• The Ultimate Santa - For The Children We Love to Spoil!
• Santa-To-Go ---Busy families traveling during the holiday season can still make magical holiday memories.
• High Tech Santa - Using Technology To Personalize Santa experience.
• Santa's Rising Online Popularity.
• Top Sweetest/Nicest Requested Things
• Parents Ask For Santa's Help
• Santa's Impact On Children Today- and How He Has Changed

As Seen On TV

Watch Santa Claus On TV

A Very Happy Client
I just wanted to say “thank you” – you made a little boy’s night with this phone call!!

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