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For Immediate Release October 23, 2018

Santa Goes Hi-Tech, Virtual Marketing Flies Santa Into The Hi-Tech World’s new marketing plan flies Santa’s sleigh straight into the high tech world. “With a phone call from Santa being live and personalized, the new marketing plan of is ninety per cent virtual,” says Jim Pollard founder, known as the Real Santa in his part of the world. The thrill of a live, personalized phone call is now reality through the magic of the virtual Internet. No more waiting in long mall lines to see Santa when you can have him call your child.

Creating Christmas memories is the driving force behind Christmas is such a magical and fun time for each child. A live phone call from Ole Saint Nick himself, personalized for the child is one of the best ways to begin a tradition that will last a lifetime. The caller ID on the phone even reads Santa Claus.

All advertising and marketing drives the customer to the web address At the website complete information about the live Santa phone call program and how it works is given. The person can select the day and the time for their call from a virtual booking calendar. They then provide the information for the personalization of a live phone call from Santa. They pay on a secure site by either credit card or echeck. They then anxiously wait for their live personalized Santa phone call. Ninety nine percent of the time the only personal contact is when Santa calls the child. Santa does make phone calls to adults. Last year one mother had Santa call her son and daughter in their twenties who lived in different states.

Pollard has over 50 years experience as Santa. He has been on Oprah, Montel, Fox and Friends as well as many local TV shows. He and his wife, Jeanetta, produce and co-host the TV program The Fabulous Fifties and Beyond seen on fifteen cable systems in Western Kentucky.

Over the past three years, Pollard has been interviewed on over 1000 radio stations sharing funny stories from his book “Things Kids Say to Santa.” He has become quite an authority on Santa, Santa’s beginnings and traditions.

Create the thrill of a lifetime and a special memory for years to come by having Santa personally call your child. The Santa phone call can be ordered from The Santa phone call is only $17.50 before December 15th and $22.50 after December 15th.

For more information about and Santa Phone Calls please go to or contact Santa Jim at 270-851-7699.

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A Very Happy Client
I just wanted to say “thank you” – you made a little boy’s night with this phone call!!

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